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  • In the pharmaceutical production process, the mold for tableting plays a vital role in the quality of the tablet. For example, the hole of the die becomes large, causing the unevenness of the punching filler to cause the difference in the weight of the tablet to not conform to the regulations or to produce a split

  • Common faults include wear of the pressure roller and lack of oil or damage to the bearing of the pressure roller shaft. The outer circle of the pressure roller is seriously worn, resulting in a large resistance at the tail of the punch. The pressure roller is a device for adjusting the pressure of the tablet and increasing the maintenance.

  • The basket type tablet press belongs to a medium-sized basket type tablet press, which is suitable for pressing the granular raw materials into tablets or block preparations in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, fuel and other industries.

  • The laboratory tablet press has a simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, light weight, and is convenient for loading and unloading and handling. It can also be manually pressed without a power source.

  • The tablet tableting machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple operation, wide application range, and no need for electricity for carrying. Manually shake by changing the mold of different specifications. sheet.

  • Prepare the work before the mold equipment: Remove the hopper and feeder. Open the right door and roll the handwheel to clean the working surface of the turntable, the die hole and the mold of the required equipment...

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