• 1.How to operate the tablet press

    1. The tablet press must add lubricating oil to all oil cups, oil holes and friction surfaces before use, and run empty to make the friction surfaces full of oil film to extend the service life of the machine.   2, before and after each shift, you must test the air compressor, and then open the electric tablet after no problem, which can extend the service life of the mold.   3. Selection of sheet type (mold): The upper and lower punching working end faces of the tablet press mold form the surface shape of the tablet, and the middle mold aperture is the diameter of the tablet. Proper selection of the pattern is a successful step in tableting. For example, chewable tablets have higher hardness requirements and can be easily chewed, and most of them use a beveled flat sheet; a film coating can be selected as a shallow concave shape. In the case of the raw material, there is no binder or lubricant in the raw material, and the pressure is required to be large when the tablet is pressed, and the sheet type is preferably shallow. For tablets with a large sugar content, the sheet design is preferably shallow or flat. The medium mold can use alloy steel or hard alloy. The deep concave type die is easily damaged and is used as little as possible.   4. When replacing the mold, if the middle mold does not go down, you can use the stick of the same size as the upper mold to gently knock the middle mold down.   5. During the tableting process, the tablet quality (sheet weight, hardness, surface finish, etc.) should be checked frequently and adjusted in time.   6. If the materials with large content of minerals and plant fibers, large diameter and poor viscosity are pressed, low-speed tableting should be adopted. High speeds generally do not exceed 25 rpm. Conversely, if the viscous, fluid, small, and easy-to-form particles are pressed, a higher speed can be selected.   7. Mold preservation method: After cleaning, apply a layer of food grade lubricating oil (oil oil, edible oil can be), put it into a special protective box or die storage box, put it on the rack, and indicate the size and size. Save on the shelf.   8. When the tableting chamber is operated or not, it is closed with plexiglass to prevent pollution.   9. After using each day, remove the remaining powder and wipe off all parts of the machine. If the deactivation time is long, the die must be removed and the machine rubbed each side. Wipe the work surface, apply anti-rust oil, cover the dust-proof clothes; the die should be wiped clean and immersed in oil to save.

  • 2.How to clean the tablet press

    1. You can use a copper wire brush to throw away the adhering material on the punch, and then use a flannel cloth to stick a little abrasive paste to polish the surface. Do not use a wire brush to throw, otherwise it is easy to scratch the surface of the sheet.   2. If the adherend is very hard, if it is not easy to remove directly, the punch can be easily immersed in hot water for a few minutes, and the adherent can be easily removed, and the moisture can be wiped off in time.   3, if the user does not have a lathe, Zui is good to buy a special die polishing machine from the market, the price is not expensive.   4, in addition, we must also analyze the reasons from the drug materials, whether the release agent (lubricant) is added less, you can add some amount of hard magnesium sulfate lubricant (5-10%).

  • 3.What packaging machine is needed for small coffee powder?

    If you need a bag in the bag, you can use the hanging ear coffee packaging machine. If you don't need the bag in the bag, you can use the ordinary packaging machine.

  • 4.What packaging machine for dried fruit?

    There are many types of dried fruit packaging;   For bulk weighing, the rotary disc type granule packing machine can be selected, and the economic model is moderately priced;   Fragile products can choose electronic scale automatic weighing packaging machine, the price is high;   The larger type of material can be selected from manual feeding automatic packaging machine. The degree of automation is low, and the scope of application is wide.

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