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Brand TJ
Number of Employees 1-50 People
Annual sales US$1 Million - US$2 Million
Established in 2008

Specialized in machinery and industrial equipment, Shanghai Tianjiu Machinery Manufacturing Factory is an enterprise approved to register by relevant authorities in china.With our own land, factory building, mechanical machining equipment and skilled front-line workers, we research and develop various types of equipment for food and pharmaceutical preparations.

Our company is mainly engaged in the processing of food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other equipment. We specialize in providing industrial equipment for such industries as medicine, health products, food and beverage. Our company is located in sheshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Tianjiu Machinery Manufacturing Factory specializes in providing such industries as medicine, health products, food, agriculture, chemical industry, electronics, batteries, building materials, metallurgy and ceramics with tablet presses, powder tablet presses, powder block presses, powder forming machines, auxiliary tablet press molds, block press molds and forming machine molds(punches and dies), crushers, mixers, granulators, vacuum feeders, tablet sieving machines, hot air circulation ovens, pneumatic vacuum feeders, hot air circulation ovens, pneumatic vacuum feeders, etc. for production and laboratory use. The products are used for making TCM tablets, western medicine tablets, calcium tablets, buccal tablet, spirulina tablets, milk tablets, candy tablets, effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, radix isatidis blocks, seasoning blocks(chicken essence blocks), mothballs, aromatic tablets, disinfectant tablets, catalysts, fertilizer tablets, pesticide tablets, button batteries, electronic components, glass mosaics,crucibles, VC effervescent tablets, Smurfs blocks (toilet cleaning blocks), washing blocks, fishpond oxygen producers, watercolor powder cakes, art powder cakes, metallurgical powders and ceramic particles.

Shanghai Tianjiu Machinery Manufacturing Factory has an independent new product R&D department responsible for developing new products and producing custom-made nonstandard equipment. In order to meet market demands and client requirements, we have developed new types of machines with high pressure suitable for making large tablets and tablets difficult to form, such as ZPW23 special tablet press for chicken essence block, ZP-25B chicken essence block press ,ZP13A(B) special tablet press for large tablet (watercolor powder cake tablet press),ZP-17A(B) chicken essence block tablet press, metal powder tablet press, ZPW21/23 special tablet press for three-layer tablet,ZP-25 new style three-layer tablet press(for making Smurts blocks), glass mosaic production line, etc. The new type of ZPS-8 rotary tablet press with pressure display and PLC operation and ZP-15D rotary tablet press are available on the market. We expect old and new clients to get more information about our latest style of characteristic product-special tablet press for effervescent tablet.

The globalized economic development and increasingly expanded internal and external exchanges have provided wide market prospects for our products. By keeping to the principle of achieving business prosperity through specialization, meeting user requirements;wining by quality, producing reliable products; treating each other with sincerity, providing excellent service, we sincerely hope to seek mutual development and success with you.


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