Failure Analysis and Processing of Tablet Press


Common faults include wear of the pressure roller and lack of oil or damage to the bearing of the pressure roller shaft. The outer circle of the pressure roller is seriously worn, resulting in a large resistance at the tail of the punch. The pressure roller is a device for adjusting the pressure of the tablet and increasing the maintenance. The pressure roller must be replaced. When the inner hole of the pressure roller and the pressure roller shaft wear seriously, the pressure roller or the pressure roller shaft must also be replaced: the pressure roller shaft sometimes breaks mainly due to excessive pressure, and most of them are adjusted due to difficult pressure of the material. Improper, then you need to replace the pressure roller shaft, adjust the material, and adjust the pressure. In addition, the pressure roller shaft bearing is regularly lubricated and maintained, and the damage is replaced in time.

Means and tools for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. With the advancement of modern industrial production, pharmaceutical equipment such as tablet presses are the material basis for pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical equipment has become more and more important in the development of pharmaceutical companies. In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly. There are nearly 6,000 pharmaceutical companies, of which 80% are pharmaceutical companies and more than 1,000 are Chinese medicine companies. Through research and development, technology introduction, digestion and absorption, the country has more than 1,100 varieties of pharmaceutical equipment products, among which the products in the 1990s dominated, and some products also reached the international advanced level. The mechanical production equipment of pharmaceutical companies is like the lifeline of an enterprise. It is not a permanent perpetual motion machine. It requires excellent maintenance personnel to carry out timely and effective maintenance and maintenance. If mechanical equipment is maintained and maintained, it can provide high quality for enterprises. The production conditions of pharmaceuticals can provide guarantee for the stable and rapid development of enterprises; if there are a large number of problems in the maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment, the normal production of the enterprise cannot be guaranteed.

The granule or powder material is placed in a die hole and pressed into a tablet by a punch. The tablet press is a common device in a solid preparation. Taking the automatic high-speed tablet press as an example, based on the introduction of the equipment's work flow, transmission form and its performance, this paper analyzes how to accurately maintain and maintain the rare failure of the tablet press to ensure that the equipment can run temporarily and effectively. .

Common faults are: wear of the guide rail, loose components, wear of the lower rail through the bridge, and the guide rail is an important component to ensure the trajectory movement of the punch. The punch rod wears the rail main body and the like. The main method for solving the wear of the middle rod and the guide rail is to restore the normal condition with the oil stone grinding guide rail. The serious wear is only solved by replacing the guide rail: when the rail assembly is loosened by continuous work, it must be tightened in time, and attention should be paid to make the guide rail transition smooth; The lower rail is worn by the bridge plate, and the light rail is repaired with oil stone. If the wear is serious, it can only be replaced.

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