Analysis of the structure and use requirements of the two-color tablet press


The two-color tablet press presses two different materials into one tablet. The two materials are separated from each other and have different colors. The compression of two-color tablets is mainly based on the design and modification of the lower guide rail. Two fillings and one slice.

The main conditions in the process of two-color tablet pressing by the two-color tablet press are: 

(1) The content of the two materials on the same tablet does not meet the requirements. This is mainly because the filling adjustment system has not been adjusted, and the content of a material can be adjusted first. Then adjust the content of the other material; 

(2) The two materials of the extruded tablet have splitting phenomenon, the hardness is not uniform, one material is harder, the other is softer, the main reasons are: 1) the material The reason is that the density, dry humidity, and the uniformity of the two materials are not well adjusted, and then the materials are adjusted before pressing; 

(3)The pressure of the two materials is not adjusted properly. The principle of forming a two-color film is secondary filling, once, if the pressure is not adjusted after the first filling, the hardness of the latter half will become hard or soft. After the second filling, the pressure is set for the complete tablet, so the pressure adjustment can determine the formation and binding degree of the tablet.

Two-color tablet presses usually need to be equipped with two vacuum cleaners, which can separate the two materials for powder absorption and recovery. If the user has precise requirements for the composition of two materials, the tablet press can be configured to take out tablets from one material separately and perform accurate measurements to determine its content.

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